Philip began as an assistant to Phillipe Petit during the making of Oscar Award Winning Man On Wire. At a young age he was able to forge relationships with seasoned filmmakers such as Oscar Winning actor, Melissa Leo, and Oscar Nominated Screenwriter Ron Nyswaner. Philip’s feature film writing/directing debut WHY STOP NOW starring Oscar Nominee Jesse Eisenberg, Melissa Leo, and Tracy Morgan premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was picked up for distribution by IFC and released in theaters. Philip’s acclaimed student short film PREDISPOSED played at the Sundance film festival as a prelude to the feature film, also starring Melissa Leo. Philip now splits his time between writing, developing and directing feature films while exploring interesting themes and aesthetics in short form works, as well as writing and developing several dramatic TV series. Phil’s strengths lie in character driven stories, heartfelt humanity, and a taste of humor that reflects the triumphs and flaws of the human condition.