Director: Jack Murgatroyd / Director of Photography: Edwin Eversole / Camera Operator: James Mills / Production Assistant: Eric Pratt / Artist: Dominique Sanders / Talent: Brittany Dixon, Billy Breed, Alexandra Harrington, Robert Walker, Jawed, Rodney Thurman, Lisa-Savannah Howard, Debby Gerber

Lookbook video for OTZ Shoes' Spring/Summer 2016 line.



DirectorJack Murgatroyd / ShootersEdwin Eversole, Jack Murgatroyd / EditorJack Murgatroyd / Voice Over ArtistBruce Barker

Filmed in the Italian Alps, this video witnesses the founders of OTZ shoes venturing to the discovery site of the OTzi Ice Man, the inspiration behind the company’s creation. Special thanks to our guide Michael who didn’t speak a word of english and got us up the mountain.



Director: Jack Murgatroyd / Shooters: Edwin Eversole, Jack Murgatroyd / Editor: Jack Murgatroyd / Chef: Michael Voltaggio

Online spot showcasing the Culinary Brigade collaboration between OTZ Shoes and Chef Michael Voltaggio. Filmed at Ink in West Hollywood.



Director: Edwin Eversole, Jack Murgatroyd / Shooters: Edwin Eversole, Dan Chen, Jack Murgatroyd / Editors: Jack Murgatroyd, Edwin Eversole

We  filmed a group of friends make an epic ride from Santa Barbara to Malibu wearing the OTZ 300g.